Schools for Sustainability

Schools for Sustainability offers educational projects for secundary schools that allow pupils to explore real live issues related to sustainability in a fun and hands-on way. For each project the programme works with real clients that give the pupils a real assignment. The pupils form a consultancy and explore the issue, giving advice to the client at the end of the project. 


The programme is mainly directed at pupils aged 12-18, but can also be used for the upper primary school classes where kids are aged between 10 and 12 years old. In the Netherlands secundary education is divided on the basis of educational level: education that prepares for further vocational education, for applied sciences, or for scientific education. The projects of the programme are always adjusted to the level of education that the participating pupils are following. 


Taking part in Schools for Sustainability projects means…

To work on the core goals and competences for several subjects in a way that is fun and engaging for both teachers and students. Students work with mind, heart, and hands in their own environment.


For government and businesses the programme provides a practical method to achieve policy goals as well as the opportunity to engage in secondary education on a content level. The Schools for Sustainability projects are flexible in design, so to provide the client (government/business) an accessible platform for interaction with teens about the chosen subject.


The biggest junior consultancy of the Netherlands

Want to learn about water, energy, climate, sustainable development, landscape, nature, food or spatial planning in a meaningful and hands on way? That is exactly what IVN offers.

Schools for Sustainability connects education with society by having pupils set up their own consultancy and give advice on current social and governmental issues.

Working with real assignments from real clients is the key feature of the programme. In this way, Schools for Sustainability acts as the biggest junior consultancy of the Netherlands.


“The fact that the assignment is real instead of another regular assignment from a book makes it so much more interesting for students. They are more motivated. They have to pull out all the stops, because they will have to present their advice to the client and their parents.” Bert Colly – Geography teacher at Marne College.




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